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On her last day at one job, her 75-year-old supervisor asked her to help move some heavy things in her house. In her garage, the supervisor opened a door from which issued a blinding stream of light.
“It was a huge room filled with her own field of marijuana plants,” Ms. Schiller said. “She conscripted me for no pay to harvest it overnight. She makes $35,000 per crop and it goes straight to her retirement account.”

The intern’s payment the next morning: a breakfast burrito.

From a NYT article, “The No-Limits Job,” about how far some young people will go for a job. Yikes.

hahaha, a Seattle news station decided to film people driving after smoking pot.

"Despite the fact that one of the volunteers was already three times over the legal limit before the start of the test — and all three volunteers were over four times the legal limit after their initial toke — they were still doing fine behind the wheel.

It was only after the subjects had smoked nearly a gram of pot that they were too stoned to drive.”

At least, by the end, they all recognized they shouldn’t be driving.

Also, I had no idea how broad the interpretation of “safe driving” to cops and instructors is.

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