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Well, both involve cutting shit down.

Well, both involve cutting shit down.

This is part of a bigger systematic problem: Go up to the Hill and see how long you go before a press secretary tells you to ‘F-off.’ I bet you don’t make it to lunch. And if you’re a press secretary, you may not make it to brunch before a reporter tells you to ‘F-off,’
National Journal editorial director Ron Fournier, who wrote today that he has received several White House e-mails and telephone calls “filled with vulgarity [and] abusive language,” said the exchange was evidence of an ongoing decline in civility between politicians and the press, but likewise called it a “snowflake” in the larger story. - Press corps to Woodward: Really? - (via brooklynmutt)

(via brooklynmutt)

My posts are particularly journalism-y today, but this clip is so great. It’s a reel explaining all the different newspaper positions for aspiring reporters.

My favorite part is “If you DON’T like to write, you WON’T be happy in journalism.”

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