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The Inspiration for the original “Rosie the Riveter” — Geraldine Hoff Doyle

Rosie’s story began in the 1940s, when the 17-year-old Doyle was working at a metal factory in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A visiting United Press International photographer snapped a pic of her on the job.

The image was then used by artist J. Howard Miller for the “We Can Do It!” poster, released during World War II. As the Washington Post writes, “For millions of Americans throughout the decades since World War II, the stunning brunette in the red and white polka-dot bandanna was Rosie the Riveter.”

A later “Rosie the Riveter” interpretation, done by Norman Rockwell, was featured on the Saturday Evening Post [on May 29,] 1943. Ultimately, the idea of “Rosie the Riveter” came to represent all female factory workers at the time.

But for decades, Doyle had no idea that her likeness was used on the original poster. The New York Times writes:

Mrs. Doyle was unaware of the poster’s existence until 1982, when, while thumbing through a magazine, she saw a photograph of it and recognized herself. Her daughter said that the face on the poster was her mother’s, but that the muscles were not.

“She didn’t have big, muscular arms,” [her daughter Stephanie] Gregg said. “She was 5-foot-10 and very slender. She was a glamour girl. The arched eyebrows, the beautiful lips, the shape of the face — that’s her.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, Doyle quit after just one week at the factory where her picture was made famous. “She later married a dentist and raised a family in Lansing, Mich.,” the Journal reports.

I prefer Norman Rockwell’s interpretation. Notice what her foot is on. As a side note, Rockwell’s interpretation of Rosie was inspired by Michelangelo’s Isaiah:


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Numerous bombings reported in Baghad on the ten year anniversary of the Iraq War


  • 56 people were killed by twelve different bombings spread across Baghdad on Tuesday, exactly one decade after former President George W. Bush announced the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
  • 200 more were injured by the blasts, which reportedly targeted Shia areas across Iraq’s capital city. In response to the attacks, the Iraqi government has postponed provincial elections in Anbar and Nineveh which were previously scheduled for April 20. source

He said, ‘If you can Dennis, I don’t want to do war, I don’t want to do war.’ He said that to me.
Dennis Rodman, playing diplomat between North Korea and the United States on ABC’s “This Week.” The Worm suggested that common ground could be met on the basketball court. ”He loves basketball,” Rodman said, referring to Kim Jong-un. “I said, ‘Obama loves basketball.’ Lets start there.” (via shortformblog)


This Is What It Looks Like When Syria Bombs a University

Two explosions rocked Syria’s Aleppo University on Tuesday, the very first day of the school’s exams, and it looks like it was carried out by way of a jet loyal to Bashar al-Assad. 

[Images: SANA/ AP]

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